Project Description

LINDO 120-200

This plant is able to clarify water generated by many industrial processes without having to introduce any chemical additives(flocculent, poly-electrolytes, etc.). It is used to clarify and remove oil from waste water generated by the stone, ceramics and glass industries and water coming principles, has no moving parts, is not subject to wear and is safe and easy to use.The main characteristic of this clarifier, which makes it unique, is its capacity to separate sludge particles (which are lighter) just through a system of lamellar packs and to a play of calculated slopes. As a matter of fact, this slow down the sludge particles ascent until they are separated from the water ones.

The advantages resulting from the employ of Lindo bring about the following:

  • enviromental improvement : polluted water dispersions in the environment can be avoided
  • water and energy saving: thank to water re-circulation.

For Lindo installation it is sufficient to position it on a flat surface. The only maintenance required is the periodic removal of precipitated sludge, by the bags placed just below the LINDO cone.


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