Project Description



New and improved machine for aspiration and elimination of dust.
It is equipped with an additional aspiration area, situated in the upper booth part, allowing the capture of  approx. 30% dust more than all the best aspirators on the market. In particular, the Mistral Top is characterized by the following innovations:

-dust elimination obtained by exploiting the combined action of changes of direction and force of gravity

-safe elimination of non-hygroscopic powders too (increasing their weight when they get in touch with water ) such as granites, basalts, lava, etc.

-more efficient aspiration through the introduction of a suction blade obtained in the upper booth part.

The new patented dust reduction  system also assures a safe and efficacious dust reduction without using any filters.Consequently, all the ordinary maintenance operations carried out until now are no longer necessary.For this reason, the new patented dust reduction system makes all the exhausters manufactured until now technically obsolete.

Machines are also available in galvanized iron and their name is BORA.

Mistral 2
2100 mm
880 mm
2000 mm
Mistral 3 3100 mm 880 mm 2000 mm
Mistral 4
4100 mm
880 mm 2000 mm
Mistral 5 5100 mm 880 mm 2000 mm
Mistral 6
6100 mm
880 mm
2000 mm
Mistral 7 7100 mm 880 mm 2000 mm
Mistral 8 8100 mm
880 mm 2000 mm


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